2 Ways to Wear Denim this Autumn

So the summer is over and it’s time to start thinking about what styles you’re going to take into the Autumn. I don’t tend to take many Summer styles over into the new season but as I am trying to be a bit more conscious about the amount of clothing I buy, I am making an exception. You will have plenty of hidden gems in your wardrobe that are worthy of taking with you into the new season, especially any denim styles. Denim is timeless, so you do not have to worry about it being on trend or not. Some of the styles below probably won’t surprise you but I have made some slight adjustments to make them more worthy of wearing in the Autumn. Read of for some inspo…

No More Crop

So we seem to be obsessed with all sorts of cropped hem lines. I love wearing my cropped skinnies with some chunky dad sneakers so I get the infatuation. But now It’s time to shake things up a bit. Longer hems give your ankles and feet more protection from the elements for one and for two they look fantastic when worn with heels. The full length leg lets the cut of jean you choose be the star of the show.

Ditch the Short Shorts

We all know that the Autumn means colder weather so it might seem like a no brainer to ditch the short shorts. We agree but that doesn’t mean you should totally dismiss wearing any shorts. The newest cut of shorts are Bermuda shorts. These are still fitted but have a raw edge and stop just above the knee. These are the perfect style to wear on a night out with some heels and a cami vest top. I would go for a light wash and maybe a few rips to gain some extra styling points.

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