What To Wear In The Transitional Period

How to Wear Spring Fashion

Spring season is on the horizon and the transitional period can be a tricky one to adjust to. I personally to rebuild my wardrobe around the idea that it could be quite warm, but also rain, and also snow, and possibly even thunder. What you must remember is the Springtime is actually the end of Winter. Although the cold snap may not have arrived fully, i would still advise packing a warm winter coat no matter what the occasion. A good way to battle the harsh conditions of early Spring is to shop around for some Winter styles that are available in Spring/Summer shades. 

A surprise trend for the Spring is the duffle coat but the colour palette will now adapt to the shades we imagine when thinking of spring. If you are looking to really stand out, I would go for some pastel shades such as lilac or lemon. These catch the eye and lilac is set to be one of the colours of the season. 

You might think that early Spring is the time to start buying lightweight knits, but don’t do it so soon. There will be some amazing chunky knitwear available in most sale sections on the high street. You might think that Winter knits will all be in dull colours but it is no longer the case. Colour palettes are becoming inter-seasonal so you will find some beautiful shades in those sale sections.

As the early Spring weather is so unpredictable you also need a lightweight jacket that can be carried around with you. You need this jacket to be the happy medium between keeping you warm when the rain comes and not making you sweat buckets if the sun decides to break through the clouds. The perfect style for this would be a lightweight trench coat or a bomber jacket.

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