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Fashion Week 2019 Review: London

The build up to this event is somewhat dramatic and eagerly anticipated. Designers that are exhibiting are always frantically rushing around adding the finished touches to this seasons trend setting styles. Taking a look at some of our leading designers, read through my thoughts on this marvellous occasion. My personal highlights are listed below

Highlights of Fashion Week 2019: London

Victoria Beckham’s Debut

Victoria Beckham’s brand is now a well known amongst the elite in the fashion world. Some styles may seem overpriced at first glance but when inspected closely, the attention to detail truly is breathtaking and simply has to be appreciated. You really do get what you pay for. She has produced some amazing dresses for formal events but also created some amazing power suits for the female girl bosses of the world. She nailed it with the colour palettes too. She used the colour lilac very well by using different tones of purple and she incorporated the new trend into her collection…neon colours. Victoria has come along way since her Spice Girl days and found her calling in the fashion world. 

More Mature Fashion

Oversized Italian clothing and anyone over 50 were usually a match made in heaven….well not anymore. One particular model went into labour whilst designing her latest evening gown, working right up to birth is the sign of a very strong woman. Recent mum-to-be Mila Kunis wore a hidden, remote controlled pump under a trouser suit during the New York fashion show. It is so empowering to see designers taking this part of a woman’s life into consideration when designing their next fashion item. This is now groundbreaking in the fashion world so prepare to see your favourite designer items also available in the maternity section

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