Metallic Skirts Are Back For Spring/Summer 2019

Wearing Bling After the Festive Period

The festive period has come to a close for one more year and we are all that little bit fatter, and the January blues have really started to set in. If that’s you then don’t worry too much…everyone is in the same boat. The only thing that makes me remotely happy is looking through my wardrobe from the last couple of months. I always love some of the styles that I have been wearing but sadly most of us feel that you need to ditch those styles until next Christmas. The thing is, some of those styles will carry over into the Spring and look just as fantastic as they did over the festive period.

One of the best styles to carry over from Christmas is a beautiful metallic skirt. Mine if silver and bronze metallic on a lovely pleated fabric. I know that id very specific and not everyone will have a pleated, metallic skirt and if that person is you, get yourself to the January sales to find something similar. Trust me, you won’t be able to take yours off. They carry over into the Spring by teaming them up with stuff you wouldn’t wear them with in the Autumn/Winter. I pair mine with some stiletto heels, a white cami vest and top of with a light wash denim jacket. I have been wearing this outfit on a night out but you can dress it down by wearing the same outfit with chunky, dad sneakers.

If the weather is still a bit chilly then a metallic skirt would look great with your trusty roll neck jumper. With the temperatures still a bit low you must make sure you keep yourself warm. The problem is with the Spring is that the sunshine can break through the clouds at any moment. If the forecast says the weather will be a bit warmer as the day goes on then it’s best to swap your big coat out for a smaller, lightweight jacket.


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