Trainers With Everything?

Sneakers…sneakers with everything!

Which ever super woman out there that was the first to team sneakers with a trouser suit, can I please salute you right here and now. If we ever meet, I would literally worship the ground that you walked on (obviously in your trainers and checked pants). We’d have so much fun shopping. I have built up this image of a girl that only wears what she feels comfy in and doesn’t adhere to trends. Her outfit of choice would be a pastel coloured trouser suit with a fitted cami top underneath and finished off with some Adidas Superstar Trainers.

it tells me that this lady was always wanting to be chic. No matter what the occasion she demanded some sophistication. And her way around teaming this with comfort was to pair her favourite tailored trousers with her new white sneakers. And what a genius and trend setting idea it was

Obviously we have always had free reign on what we wear but this kind of groundbreaking idea opens up so many more avenues in the world of fashion. Once this look was first seen in person it was an instant hit. The trend spread through the high streets like wildfire and was soon the go-to choice for most window displays….this is still the most popular choice to this day

Got a Summer holiday coming up? Then my sneakers of choice would be some Vans Authentic Pumps. They are amazing and look great with dresses, shorts and skirts. I would go for a black pair with white laces and white sole. These are a true nod to 90s skater chicks and are very comfortable for those long strolls down the beachfront at night time.

Going on a casual, day date? Then we would suggest you go for some chunky soled, dad sneakers.

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