Rediscovering Old Fashion

Digging Through Old Collections

Last week i decided to spend some time digging through some old items and seeing what i could possibly “up-cycle”. I stumbled upon some amazing ankle boots that I never used to have off my feet, that i had completely forgot had existed. And guess what…they were on this weeks latest runway at the London fashion show. I don’t really care too much about following certain trends and dress the way I want. I am at a point in my life where I know what styles look good on me and what don’t.I know that these boots will always have a soft spot in my heart. I love anything with embroidery so these ankle boots, with their intricate stitching detail, makes me love them that little bit more.

I’m a big fan of shopping my wardrobe.

Once uploaded to my social media platforms the response was immediate. The love for the embroidery was flooding in and people were commanding to know where they were purchased….did i dare to tell them that they were 3 years old? I felt like i was obliged to

With them being an Autumn 2016 design, they are discontinued and you won’t find them anywhere else. But i felt i had to try for you all and had a good look to see if I could at least find anything similar. These beautiful embroidered boots stood out a mile to me and i felt were quite reasonably priced! 

I was very glad to see that brands had decided to embrace the embroidered footwear look for another season. I found some amazing styles on the market. The likes of River Island and TopShop are producing some beautiful styles that wouldn’t look out of place in a designer shop. If you want a good pair you’re going to be looking at around the £50-£70 mark which might be steep for some people, but trust me, you will be wearing these boots for many seasons to come.

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